Once the paddy/rice passes the initial quality analysis, the paddy is sent for
drying and the rice is stored in preparation for processing. In the cleaning stage,
the two-step process uses both mechanical and density separation techniques
which provide the clean paddy/rice for the next stage of the milling process.

The shellers remove the outer hull layer from the kernel using counter rotation
rubber rollers. The hulls and unshelled paddy/rice are then eliminated from the
rice using both air separation and mechanical equipment leaving pure brown rice
available for export as cargo rice or for further milling to obtain white rice. The
milling or whitening stage removes the bran layer from the rice kernel.

Our modern multi-break, vertical whiteners use both abrasion and friction to
gently and efficiently convert brown rice to milled white kernels. The final stage of
Amin Ittefaq’s finishing process includes several techniques to clean, destone,
sift and polish milled rice.

Our mechanical sizing equipment lifts out the head rice, providing cleanest
whole kernels. The most modern optical colour sorting equipment
procured from Sortex U.K., ensures that only the white and
cleanest rice is packed