Our strength lies in our quality assurance mechanism, our state of the art machinery, and our rich experience in handling rice.

Quality Assurance Mechanism:

We are committed to quality assurance at all steps of rice production and processing. Starting from rice cultivation in company-owned farms and contracted-farms of associate farmers, our commitment to quality remains a steady process at all stages - paddy procurement, milling, processing, packaging and shipment. For Amin Ittefaq, quality assurance is not a one-time promise but a consistent resolve to deliver the trust of our customers.

State of the art Machinery:

Amin Ittefaq Rice Mills is equipped with the state of the art milling and processing plant which includes the most modern length and precision graders, de-stoners, mist polishers and colour sorters. The entire processing from paddy selection to packaging is done on fully-automated plants. A continuous system of incorporating the latest technological advancements in our rice processing plant is one of the unique features of Amin Ittefaq Rice Mills.

Rich Experience:

Drawing on generations of experience in rice cultivation and over half a century of experience in rice trading in local and international market, Amin Ittefaq combines unique expertise in rice farming, high quality processing and competitive supplies to markets in almost all the basmati rice consuming countries of the world. Our long tradition of handling the traditional basmati grain enables us to consistently cater to the requirements of our customers.