Our quality assurance mechanism starts right from the provision of quality seeds
for the company-owned farms and the contracted farms of our associate farmers,
who produce quality paddy for us under buy-back arrangements. Special care
is taken in selection and procurement of finest quality raw paddy, as only best raw
materials produce high quality products.

Our fully-automated, state-of-the-art milling and processing plant is an important
instrument of our quality assurance system. Besides managing hygiene and clean
house keeping, a stringent system of quality control is implemented at all steps in the
milling and processing operations so that the tender rice grain retains its inherent quality
and purity.

From feeding in of raw paddy to packaging and storage of processed rice,
samples are drawn and tested by our qualified analysts in our state-of-the-art
laboratory, equipped with high-tech equipment including a table-mill
(a prototype of our milling and processing plant). The entire mechanism of
quality control is supervised by a dedicated department headed by Quality
Assurance Manager, reporting directly to the Director Operations and having
the authority to reject any paddy or rice sample and stop production if
results are not upto the Amin Ittefaq specifications. Continuous adoption
of  latest technology is another important dimension of our quality assurance creed.

The company observes Total Quality Management Systems and
has duly obtained the ISO 9002 Certification.