It was several generations ago that our grandfathers started growing rice in the fertile fields of Punjab Province in the Indian

Sub- continent. Many generations down the road, half a century ago, the family migrated to newly born Pakistan and turned to trading the precious commodity (rice) as a commission agent under the name of Amin Ittefaq, in the local grain market (ghalla mandi) of Nankana Sahib, a small town in the heart of basmati zone in Punjab.

The words Amin and Ittefaq mean holders of trust and unity respectively. The pledge to "unite" efforts and energies in order to build "trust" with the clients has always been the hallmark of Amin Ittefaq since inception. Soon we became a trusted name in the market. In 1970s and 1980s, when Rice Export Corporation of Pakistan (RECP), a public sector enterprise, had monopoly on rice exports from Pakistan, Amin Ittefaq entered into indirect export of rice, and became one of RECP's leading suppliers.

In 1989, with the withdrawal of RECP's monopoly over rice exports, Amin Ittefaq entered into direct exports. With the help of God Almighty, in year 1990, we were blessed with an opportunity to join hands with M/S Emco International in Dubai which opened all the avenues of success for Amin Ittefaq in the Gulf Market. The commitment to quality and building lasting business relationships, based on trust, led to a steady growth in exports and the climax was reached in 1998 when Amin Ittefaq was awarded the trophy of being the largest exporter of Basmati rice from Pakistan.

Today, we enjoy the trust of our valued clients in almost all the Basmati Rice consuming countries of the world especially in the Gulf and in Europe. However, the commitment to tradition and quest for constant improvement continues unabated.